Location/Address: 9, Ave. Lamartiniere, 1e Etage Muncheez,Bois Verna, Port au Prince, HAITI

Contact Details:

Telephone: (509)37027275
WhatsApp: 509 37027275

Firm Description

Transversal with offices in in Port-au-Prince, has been involved in Haiti’s mobile money market since 2010. Transversal was hired by Digicel during the Haiti Mobile Money Initiative (HMM) first-to-market award phase and successfully helped Digicel win the $2.5M prize money from the Gates Foundation/USAID. Transversal, received a $300k grant from HIFIVE/USAID for its participation in the Haiti Mobile Money Initiative (HMMI). Transversal helped Digicel recruit, train, and manage agents as well as helped recruit and manage customers during the HMMI first-to-market phase.

In 2011, Transversal developed the MerchantPro electronic voucher platform and won several large-scale contracts from UNDP, CARE, CRS, Digicel and Mercy Corps to manage their eVoucher programs in Haiti and Nepal. Transversal provided a train-the-trainer program for merchant training and monitors the merchant redemption transactions in real-time.

Services Offered

Transversal brings expertise in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the following areas:
Business Process as a Service (BPaaS); Electronic Voucher platform MerchantPro; Building Network and Wireless Infrastructure; Designing, integrating and maintaining robust VoIP and Video over IP infrastructure; Designing, integrating and maintaining robust Network Operation Center; Providing ICT certification training; Assisting in Hardware, Software and Licenses’ procurement; Designing and developing mobile and web based applications including data collection tools; Designing and developing Mobile payment platform; Deploying VoIP and Video Surveillance solutions.