The Journey of a Call Center Agent to Customer Care Director

journey-of-call-center-agent(Interview with Stephanie Laguerre, Customer Care Director, Access Haiti)

How did you start working in the BPO sector?

I simply gave my resume to someone and in March 2006, I got a call from Digicel. I joined it successfully as a part-time agent. I had 1-month full training which prepared me on how to assist customers and manage different applications. The training session was in English, so I was required to put great effort to consider it as my second language.


Stephanie Laguerre
Customer Care Director,
Access Haiti

How was your experience in the BPO Sector?

I’ve been on board for 6 months and was then promoted as a Team Leader where I received news objectives and KPI’s (Keys Performance Indicators). As a Team Leader, managing a team of 24 agents was not easy because you are required to take care of the team’s performance and ensure that the operations team achieve their KPI’s.

I was one of the best Team leaders as it shows on my performance review and 1 year later, I was promoted to the Support Manager position. At this level, it was really hard work, passion, devotion and, it was most important to deliver results.  We undertook formal training on strategies, contact center operations standards, leadership and supervision, and I was able to achieve my goals.

I was attached to the Real-time management entity responsible for the Center KPI in coordination with the Workforce Team. Later, I was upgraded as CRM Manager (Customer Relations Management) which is face to face and front desk services nationwide.

It was a really new and different experience for me, but very interesting as you touch on everything that is necessary to provide world class services to customers which means logistic, maintenance, construction, painting and even cleaning! Another year later, I was further promoted as BPO Operations Manager in 2012 until I left to take a new challenge as the Customer Care Director of Access Haiti group. Until now, I am proud of having set up contact center operations of 60 seats serving 3 entities with different types of channels, providing technical and billing support.


Any words of advice for aspiring candidates who want to work in the BPO sector?

Today I am thankful to the different leaders who have coached me during my time and have shared with me their expertise. I have the privilege to train a lot of young persons and today I am proud to work with a group of young leaders and soon, they will be at a Manager Position. Like me, they will start at an agent level and focus on performance, driven results, implemented strategies and developing themselves.

The BPO sector is full of opportunities for you, if you are focus on learning each day, speaking and writing foreign languages and personal development. This is the only sector where you can have a first experience to grow for future reference. Therefore, be applicable at school, do not hesitate to look for a call center job and join us to help you to succeed like I did.

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