Haiti Organizes Largest BPO Youth Conference

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti: November 30, 2017 – The Center for Facilitation of Investments in Haiti (CFI), in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Banj, AHTIC and Avasant, successfully hosted the Haiti BPO Job Fair on November 29, 2017 at the Karibe Hotel in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.  The Haiti BPO Job Fair was the first of its kind event for the BPO industry and the largest youth conference in Haiti. It brought together over 1,000 young graduates and students from top universities and educational institutions from across the country. The event also saw participation from local and international industry experts and entrepreneurs from the IT-BPO industry, universities, senior government officials and representatives from the IDB, CFI and Avasant.

One of Haiti’s biggest strengths as a BPO destination is the abundance of educated youth in the country and their proficiency in multiple languages (French, English, Spanish and Creole). This unique combination of scale, linguistic diversity and technical proficiency has started to develop an interest on Haiti’s BPO sector among several major BPO service providers and investors. For BPO service providers who are looking for alternate nearshore service delivery locations to establish their operations, Haiti’s human capital offers adequate scalability at a cost point lower than most other competing destinations in the region. The BPO job fair and sector development program was organized by CFI on behalf of the Government of Haiti to tap into the growing interest among the BPO service provider to tap into Haiti’s human capital. The event was also intended towards familiarizing the Haitian youth on the BPO industry, the opportunities available to them and connecting them with the global BPO experts, and domestic and international service providers.

Over 1,000 youth from across Haiti attended the Haiti BPO Job Fair on November 29, 2017

Anupam Govil (Partner at Avasant) kicked off the discussions by providing a global and regional perspective of the BPO industry, and outlined the potential for growth of the BPO sector in Haiti. Mr. Govil also emphasised the importance of human capital for growth of BPO sector in a country and urged the youth to possess ambition and develop leadership skills to capitalize on the opportunities that are available to them. Jon Browning (Founder and CEO of Global BPO Solutions) delivered a keynote speech on the topic ‘Career Opportunities in the BPO sector’.  In his speech, Mr. Browning described the potential career paths available to those aspiring to work in the BPO sector.

Other speakers at the event – Chitra Rajeshwari (Avasant Foundation), Jessica Cryer (CSPN) and Corey Atkinson (CSPN) – educated the event participants on the potential training and BPO certifications & standards required to be a successful professional in the BPO sector.  The Haiti BPO Job Fair also facilitated several interactive workshops to help the youth prepare for interviews, pitch an idea to an investor, and educated them on the BPO specific skills and opportunities available in Haiti.

The event also featured two invigorating panel discussions around the topics of ‘Entrepreneurship’ (titled “My idea, My success” – moderated by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Advisor to President of Haiti) and ‘Future of BPO sector in Haiti’ (moderated by Tessa Jacques, Director General, CFI).

The event culminated with the launch of the Haiti Digital Services platform which is a dedicated online platform developed, among other things, for the Haitian youth to register and apply for job opportunities available in the BPO sector in the country. The platform will also keep the Haitian youth updated on the key BPO industry developments – locally and internationally. BPO service providers and investors looking to invest in Haiti will also significantly benefit from this platform by gaining access and visibility to the rich talent pool available in the country.

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