BPO Sector Value Proposition

Haiti Digital Services Program

  • One-Stop Investment Facilitation – Single window access to avail a range of sector specific benefits including investment support, financial and non-fiscal incentives through Centre de Facilitation des Investissements (CFI)
  • Haiti Skills Registry – Access to a large pool of pre-screened resources categorized based on a range of CC/BPO specific skills for easier fulfillment of project/process requirements
  • Simplified Hiring Process – Reach and hire directly from a pool of pre-screened candidates through a simplified hiring process
  • Real Estate Inventory – Quick and easy access to a range of real estate options based on investor preferences ranging from greenfield, brownfield to graded buildings
  • Partnership Opportunities – Faster time to market through partnership opportunities with domestic service providers offering faster access to quality infrastructure, labor force, and local market knowledge

Multi-Lingual Talent Pool

  • Multi-Lingual Talent Pool – Only global location with scalable, multilingual skill pool proficient in French, English, Spanish and Creole. This multi-lingual talent pool enables Haiti to be uniquely positioned to serve North American, Latin American and European markets.

Low-Cost & Competitive Nearshore Destination

  • Scalable & Committed Labor pool – Only location in the region to have scalable capacity to offer multi lingual support. High availability (~58% working age population) of skilled resources with high employment potential (~40% high unemployment rate)
  • Significantly Lower Wage and Salary Overheads – Lowest wage and salary overhead costs in LAC region (~25-30% lower wage costs than the regional average)
  • Low Attrition – One of the lowest BPO labor attrition rates in the region (< 1%) drastically reducing training costs
  • Favorable Exchange Rate – Depreciating value of Haitian Gourde (HTG) against USD further supplements cost competitiveness. The Haitian Gourde has depreciated by ~50% against USD over the period 2011-2017

Extension/Alternative to Other Nearshore Delivery Centers

  • Nearshore Extension, Nearshore Proximity – Haiti can be a perfect nearshore supplement to established Latin and Caribbean locations by offering additional value added services e.g. Haiti can be leveraged to provide multi-lingual support to Jamaica/ Dominican Republic operations under a hub and spoke model.
  • Proximity to Key US and Nearshore Markets – Just 2 hours away from Miami and 4 hours from New York, Haiti is well connected to key US markets as well as other Nearshore delivery locations such as: Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Dominican Republic.
  • Excellent Air Connectivity – Two international airports, and nearly 20 daily non-stop flights from the US, Europe, and Latin America. Haiti is well connected to all key target markets and intentional travel hubs (Panama, Miami, Paris, New York)
  • Time Zone Advantage – Mirrors US Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Quality & Ready-to-Move Infrastructure

  • Plug & Play BPO facilities – Special provision for availing ready to use ‘Plug and Play’ facilities offered by CFI as a proof of concept. These facilities help investors to reduce time to market while assessing local delivery landscape while reducing upfront capital commitment
  • Real Estate Benefits – Special provisions for BPO operations in Caracol Industrial Park including lease subsidies; similar benefits at CODEVI FTZ and Port Au Prince.
  • Availability of Quality Broadband Infrastructure – Fiber optic in Free Zones and Industrial Parks; global connectivity through the Fibralink extension connecting US and 21 pan-Caribbean/American countries

Skill Development Program

  • Skill Development Program – As part of the Digital Skills Registry program, a continuous, multi-stage skill development program will be undertaken to ensure continuous availability and access to skilled candidates under the Digital Services program.

Attractive Sector Incentives

  • Tax Exemptions – Full exemption for first 15 years followed by partial exemption for next 5 years
  • Strong Investment Code – Strong investment safeguards under Law on Investment Code 1989 (Modified 2002)
  • Duty Exemptions – on import of office equipment, vehicles etc.
  • Accelerated Depreciation – on peripherals including computers and software